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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer Style Guide

First of all, Id take more offense to anyone repping white shades or cargo shorts than calling this post homo, so if your not into it than don't read it. Tad and I thought it would be a good idea to put some stuff we liked on here and since its our blog, thats what were doing. So here's a list of suggestions for your attire this summer, and also some things you shouldn't be wearing. Starting with your feet, I'm going to adress my conflict with white socks. I don't care if they have a swoosh or an under armor logo on them. If you rock white socks, you are going to look like some bodyboarding 55 year old pushing into a wave on 3rd street in ocean city after his 7th bud light lime. If you're going to wear shorts and socks, wear black mids or some kind of clean pattern sock. If you're going to wear ankle socks, just don't wear any socks at all.
Stance Socks is a newer company that has a lot of rad shit. Moving on to shoes, I don't personally condone myself to wear sandals when I'm not on a beach, but I can see how its not going to change anyones mind about flip flops in Baltimore. Whatever, just don't wear slides and I wont take offense to it.Anyway, High Top shoes are completely played and have no business being on your feet...your not snowboarding, so why do you need that much ankle support. So I have been running into a lot of cool mid and low tops from Gravis and Nike which aren't really sold anywhere but K Coast in Maryland, but everyone shops online now anyway so just go to Zappos or Active if your searching for them. Here are the Gravis Quarters
The Janowski's in Wine from Nike SB
As far as shorts and pants go, there is this big trend going on in surf/ skate fashon with really short shorts. I dont know if someone as lengthy as myself is going to pull them off, but if your buying your shorts off of Swell than be advised. You might end up with your nuts getting choked out by Quiksilvers Summer Line. I think that those embroidered shorts that everyone used to get from choens when they were in middle school are really sick. So if your looking for something new to get thats not a solid color, maybe try those out.
When it comes to Denim, I'm super bias to Analog's Wheel Wash Denim. It fits well, its comfortable, and it is already broken in for you. Also they have a good fit guide on their site. They have jeans for every fit, every color. Also you can find them a lot on discount sites like PLNDR or JackThreads.
as for belts or whatever is holding up your pants, My personal go to is a shoe lace, but for those of you who might find that to be a bit lower class, Nixon (who just got sold for 300 mil by billabong) makes some really good leather belts. My only suggestion for belts is that nobody should be wearing a big belt buckle unless they won some kind of rodeo, which you haven't so just don't.
*please never wear a white belt, or any white accessories for that matter.Coming to shirts. Giant logo shirts are the worst thing ever, unless your in the summer dew tour collecting photo incentive for a giant volcom stone on your shirt, don't wear'll look like a dirt biker.For tee shirts, I found that Analog has really good 3 packs of tee shirts for around $30 with a white, black, and olive colored tee. They fit well, they're nice cotton, and they go with whatever.
I've always been a fan of button up shirts, however skate/surf companies I usually get my clothes from usually don't fit my lengthy stature. J.A. Banks\ has really good deals on them, they have every size, every color, and really good customer service if your into that kind of thing.Finishing up with Shades. My main suggestion if your spending any real money on sunglasses, is don't get any crazy colors. Black or Tourtous wont get old, and they are always classy. Matte Black is always a sweet option. Also, don't but those damn mirror lenses unless your interning on the sun, they're white trash.Super Shades
Dragon Jams
Maui Jim also makes some pretty solid shades, though more on the expensive side:

Aloha Friday

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Black List

No Names, Just Pictures

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

utah bullshit

Ignorant Shot Of the Week with:BROoks

If you havent heard, brooks is leading by example. step your game up.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nike Skateboarding

Nike just rolled out this new team teaser which is pretty god damn amazing.

Eric Koston has his first signature shoe out from the swoosh. This is a vieo to celebrate the release and They should have the shoe at 3 ride any day now.

For more good web shit head over to Ollie's new website

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ignorant Shot of the Week

It's been a long time coming, and the rod-father finally made his first appearance in the ignorant shot of the week post. I can only thank A-Mills and a lot of scuds that this picture was produced. Rod has been hard at work toning his bod for bike week in ocean city this year. In this shot, he is proving his dedication by, even after blacking out to the point that his eyes are rolling to the back of his head, working out at 2 a.m at a social gathering of some kind. You've gotta respect the effort.

And after a hawt lifting sesh, with himself, Rod just wanted to get it out to the world that he has joined the red flag. Thats right, rod reps that blood gang hard on the couches all over the towson area now. As Weezy once put it :

"That’s blood all over ya rova, blood all over ya chaufer
Blood all over ya loafers, if I get any closer
That’s blood all over my toaster, blood all over my holster
I’m in a S Dots, that’s blood all over my hova, fuck
I’m hustlin with a motive, my niggas need me
And a tiger in my pocket say ‘Feed Me,’ its greedy”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

County Connect Exclusive: Hot Jam's

Great Song from King Fantastic. download it!
Here is another from Dirt Nasty & King Fantastic

These Hipsters are called the Freelance Whales. The song is called Generator. It in a new starbucks commercial, so you may have herd it before.

Bringing it back to the streets, Heres Black Dreams - USDA chopped and screwed shordddddd

Youtube Sensation


Thanks to K Coops for putting me onto this nonsense

Monday, April 11, 2011

County Connect Exclusive: Spring Fling's

UMD vs Hopkins Game

This saturday, April 16th, The annual Terps vs. Blue Jays game is going down at 8pm in college park. It promises to be one of the better weekends of the spring for Terp fans. I suggest finding a house party after the game, only having 2 bars in the area just will not cut it for this shit show.

Radford Quadfest

to quote urban dictionary, "A party thrown on the closest weekend to 420, located on the streets of the dirty dirty Radford. Cops are helpless. If you smoke 2 packs a day and way 300lbs you can still out run them. All they can do is arrest the freshman laying in the street half naked and in their own vomit and blood. The weekend were you can only go into stores 10 at time cuase if not they get robbed of everything they own. The time were the street flow with drunk sluts and coked up dudes. Where beer trucks come a couple times a day to keep the drunks stocked. Viva la Quadfest."
i guess you should hit up A Mills if your heading down to Quadfest.

Battle on the Beach

there will for sure be some of this ^

Battle on the Beach, or War on the shore, is on May 7th this year at Washington College. Its most likely going to be a blow out due to the lack of talent on the chestertown side of things, but they're still winners in my book because salisbury is white trash as hell. Back to the main topic, War on the Shore will most likely be kicked off by some kind of "kegs n' eggs" dealio according to twittman. Than the lacrosse game which nobody cares about in the first place, and the night will end with a concert from the trillest, Three-6-Mafia.
Deffinatly a must attend event this spring, so get with it.